Drone Quadcopter Making Life Safer for Maintenance Team

Due to the exposed location of our site here at James Walker Gourock, the Maintenance Team have to conduct a 3-monthly full roof inspection which includes the checking of intake and extraction fans, air conditioning systems, clearing of guttering, inspection of roof safety lifeline and general inspection of roof condition.

Full roof inspection is not only time consuming, but it is also a high risk task that cannot be scheduled into planned maintenance due to the largely unpredictable Scottish weather!

To combat these issues, James Walker Gourock have recently purchased a high quality drone quadcopter that is fitted with a 4k camera and obstacle-avoidance detector. The drone can be set to take off from a ‘home’ position and then follow any number of pre-programmed flight routes, recording high quality video as it flies before landing back at the ‘home’ position. 

This will allow for unmanned, fully detailed roof inspections to be carried out at a time that suits the Maintenance Department – reducing the high risk of working on the roof and enabling the team to use the time saved to work on other critical tasks within the factory.