James Walker Devol. Engineering polymers
Pioneers in Thermoplastic Technology

Devlon Range

Devlon T100 (Black) (PDF)

- proprietary cast material which covers a wide range of applications
- inherently stress free with excellent wear properties, low friction and improved impact strength
- proven work horse in a wide range of applications and industries

Typical applications
bushes, crane sheaves, rollers/wheels, racks and pinions, boom wear pads, gaskets

Devlon S Grade (Blue) (PDF)

- premium of all engineering grade thermoplastics
- high molecular weight gives superior mechanical properties
- optimum performance in rigorous and abrasive applications at ambient temperatures
- particularly suited for larger sized components

Typical applications
bearings, rollers, pulleys, thrust plates, seal rings, gears

Devlon V API (Known as JW DV-API in China)(Yellow) (PDF)

- similar high performance levels as S grade, but has been specifically tailored for high temperature/pressure applications
- especially low moisture absorption improves dimensional stability
- particularly suitable for offshore applications where weight saving, non-corrosive and impact wear properties are imperative

Typical applications
valve seat inserts, clamps, bundle spacers, rollers, bearings

Devlon A153 (Yellow) (PDF)

- specially formulated high viscosity Nylon 66 resulting in superior wear characteristics
- improved impact strength and rigidity giving greater design reliability when strength, weight and size are critical
- significantly lower linear coefficient of thermal expansion than Nylon 66, therefore maintains dimensional tolerances and clearances more accurately in applications involving thermal cycling
- maximum operating temperature of between 90°C and 120°C, compared to 85°C for Nylon 66

Typical applications
journal bearings, thrust washers, bearing cages, rollers/wheels, piston seals, wear pads

Devlube (Red) (PDF)

- self-lubricating material ideally suitable for dry running applications requiring low friction and where lubrication is not possible
- improved wear characteristics means excellent retention of physical properties
- coefficient of friction of 0.04 - 0.08 makes Devlube ideal for wide range of applications

Typical applications
wear pads, cam followers, worm screws, bearing blocks, conveyor components, impellers