James Walker Devol. Engineering polymers
Pioneers in Thermoplastic Technology


James Walker Devol
Unit 2, Faulds Park Industrial Estate
Faulds Park Road
PA19 1FB

Sales and Customer Services
T: +44 1475 657 360
E: sales.devol.uk@jameswalker.biz
This email address should be used for new enquiries and any other potential new business.

E: pod.devol.uk@jameswalker.biz
This email address should be used for the placement of orders and information required on any current order that has already been placed.

T: +44 1475 657 366
E: technical.devol.uk@jameswalker.biz

T: +44 1475 657 390
E: quality.devol.uk@jameswalker.biz

T: +44 1475 657 365
E: finance.devol.uk@jameswalker.biz

T: +44 1475 657 360
E: hr.devol.uk@jameswalker.biz

Alternatively, if you know the name of the person you wish to contact, email addresses are forename.surname@jameswalker.biz